Saturday, 2 May 2009

White Horse and Dark Knights

I feel I need to share the news that the new X-Men Origins movie both sucks and blows - an achievement I feel - not even Hugh Jackman could keep me interested (yes, yes I know, call double standards if you like but still...).

On the up side, the White Horse's London Best Fest has some utterly amazing beers - Golden Pride & Fuller's London Porter on cask, Meantime Special Porter and its Scotch Ale, which isn't due for release for another year and I can't wait to taste it then - not wishing to diss it, it's great, but will be awesome with a year's conditioning I think.

Got to play cricket tomorrow so presume it will probably be gone by the time I go back on Monday - enjoy it whilst you can!


  1. as soon as I read that Hugh Jackman is the producer my heart sank…he’s becoming a bit of an ubiquiotus luvvie from Oz, I mean Australia, what was that all about?

  2. That is an interesting one..I am going to gather some inspiration white horse & dark knights from the post. whatever..where you go for play cricket. i like play cricket very much.ok best of luck.thank you for shearing your post.