Thursday, 23 July 2009

Walk with Me

Evening all!

Just to let you know that I'm doing my guided walks for women at the Great British Beer Festival again this year, so if anyone's interested in signing up then you can do so when you buy your ticket.

My walks run at every evening from August 4-7 and if last year's strolls around the festival are anything to go by it should be great fun.

Hope to see some of you there - and even if you don't make it on one/don't qualify even by shaving and donning a skirt, if you see me don't hesitate to come and say hi!


  1. Would I have to put a skirt on, would acting a bit camp be enough?

  2. I would gladly wear a skirt to join you on the walk, maybe even a wig and lipstick. However I am going with work and should be in my Daleside brewery uniform. Will look out for you though.

  3. I'll lend you some lippy when I see you mate, not sure it'll be your colour though!

  4. Laurent Mousson24 July 2009 at 03:23

    Hmmm, Melissa's hordes are back...
    Right, I'll have to check the tour times to keep off the danger zone, I guess. ;o)))

    Oh, and make sure you get that thingy to ward off the tangoes at closing time.

  5. I'll find you Mousson! And thanks for the reminder x

  6. Laurent Mousson24 July 2009 at 07:36

    Oooh yes, you'll find me easily enough : at the foot of the stage during auctions, as usual, I guess. ;o)

    re reminder: easiest way could possibly be to find your way to the staffing office the minute you arrive at EC.

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