Thursday, 7 January 2010

Bitter or Sweet Designs - You Decide

I've just come across this story about BitterSweet Partnership teaming up with PPQ to try and design a beer glass that women will like (I think I've upset them, I stumbled across this rather than being sent a release, oh well!).

Now, I'm going to totally keep my opinions out of this for now but the website has put a poll up for people to vote on which shape and design they'd most like.

Basically, I'd really appreciate it if the women who read this site could take the poll, and I also wondered if the lads would be so kind as to ask their ladies to participate and then come back and tell me what you voted for in the comments section, along with any further thoughts.

I appreciate I'm being a demanding wench but I'd be really interested to hear people's first-hand thoughts on this.



  1. Hi Melissa, it's Kristy from BitterSweet, thanks for picking up on us and posting this.

    Of course you haven't upset us and I'd really love to know what you think of the glasses!!

  2. Obviously I lack the hardware for my vote to count, but I like the black one.

    'Course, lots of people think you should be able to see the beer you're drinking, but I'm not one of them.

  3. I am not a fan. But then I don't like painted/patterned glassware, regardless of the beverage involved. Pint glasses aren't the least bit intimidating to me, and some are damn gorgeous (take for example the Anchor Steam optic glass).

    For those who like a smaller, more elegant shape, The Rake's tulip glasses fit the bill. And you can see the beer. I do like looking at my beer. But then this isn't marketed at me. I'm already a convert.

  4. This isn't about the glass poll, but I'm slightly concerned by some of BitterSweet's 'Beer Cocktails'. Take, for example, the Coors Light Rocky Mountain Winter Wonderland

    Coors Light served over ice in a frosted glass, with a sprig of mint – all the crisp, fresh promise of the night air on a ski lodge balcony, enjoy it with piping hot mince pie to echo the the sensuous contrasts of winter magic.

    Coors Light paired with a mince pie? Really?

    If I happened to be on a ski lodge balcony in the Rocky Mountains - I think Cold Smoke Scotch Ale would be more warming. Paired with a bison burger. Yum.

  5. I'll ask the lovely E to comment, but I've a feeling it won't be positive. To me they seem a travesty. Like the awful glasses you used to get given in a fairground for knocking a coconut off its perch. But we'll see what women think.

  6. My partner had a look at these and chose 'A' - but when forced to select a "design" quit in disgust. Then again, she's an Aussie girl who drinks pints of real ale ... quite likely this is not their target audience :)

  7. What strikes me with both stemmed glasses is how small the base is. Surely not particularly stable vessels, these ?

  8. @Sid I'm not sure what their plans are for these glasses, I'm sure Kristy will answer that for you however.

  9. Hi all – thanks for the feedback. We’re aware that not everyone will be a fan of the glasses (particularly those of you who are happy with beer glasses the way they are!). They’re designed to offer more choice and a more stylish drinking experience – especially to the 31% of women we surveyed told us they think traditional designs are ugly.

    @Laurent Mousson - PPQ have worked really hard to design glasses that are not just attractive but practical too, so rest assured all of the finished glasses will be perfectly safe.

    @Sid Boggle – we haven’t finalised our plans about glass distribution yet as the competition is still open. Rest assured we’re not planning to force pubs to buy them but I'd really hope that they would want to and offer women a better beer drinking experience!

  10. I'd ask Mrs Cookie but she is busy cooking my tea, doing my ironing and hoovering and stuff. If tea is up to scratch she'll get her *ahem* reward upstairs and when she fetches me a beer I'll ask her opinion on the glasswear.

  11. UGH...I just must not be girly enough for this stuff...I really dislike the designs on the glassware. I really like seeing my beer!!

    I choose the Syris style (A) with the stripes. I choose stripes because it was the only one that allowed you to see the beer inside.

    Every time I read their marketing, I'm just so turned off and somewhat pissed off at how trite they seem to think women are. I know that there are plenty of women who are, but they only marketing to these airheaded twits!

  12. I like the traditional pint glass, so chose A Syris. I did vote for black b/c it's cool, but I would only drink my second+ beer out of it - I like to see the color of the beer the first time I try a new style.

  13. Hi, Kristy here – just to say thanks again for everyone’s feedback and votes.

    @JulieHG: sorry to hear you think that! We know we’re not always going to appeal to everyone at once, but the new glassware was designed to offer more choice and variety to the drinking experience. I’d be really interested to hear any further thoughts on the debate and BitterSweet Partnership itself as our aims are to speak to all women to find out what they want. Really appreciate your vote and feedback.

    @Jenn – thanks for voting and we’ll let you know the winner shortly!