Thursday, 28 October 2010

We Interrupt This (Travel) Programme AGAIN...

I'm not sure I've been impressed and then been so depressed by one organisation in such short order...

BrewDog has managed the admirable feat of giving with one hand and taking away with the other in such a tiny timespan, in fact so tiny I thought it was only possible for Governments to bend the time/space continuum in such a fashion!.

James Watt's comments re: cask ale in the Publican are really something special - and I presume the brewery will be halting all cask production forthwith to prove how right they are?

I also presume Pete Brown wonders why the hell he wrote the Cask Market Report and why anyone bothered to publicise the great news about the success of cask beer in the last 12 months in the face of such a diabolical overall beer market ...

As I said on Twitter (@melissacole if you're interested in following me) I am currently banging my head on the desk in between typing this!


  1. He said it before on his blog - to launch a new keg font no less, with typical BD understatement.

    When he last did your LB@B (earlier this year?) I asked him how much beer he was casking, and he estimated about 15%, so I don't suppose it's a big part of their plans.

    As Pete says, no need to make the observation and make CAMRA the enemy at the same time.

  2. And I was just starting to like BrewDog after all. They've gone right back down in my estimation too.

  3. Hello Melissa,

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