Thursday, 25 March 2010

Be Afraid

Right, we all know that the Chancellor & the current Government seem to think that the booze industry and pub trade is their bitch, to do with and destroy at will but I warn you now, the Conservative Party is looking to tax ALL high ABV alcohol on a blanket basis, which I have outlined in a letter from my MP.

I'll be asking my local Lib Dem candidate what their policy is and will be posting all the parties proposed policies in detail on here soon.

I'm not saying it's what you should wholly base your vote on but, if you follow this blog, then beer & the pub is probably quite close to your heart and therefore I presume it has some sort of influence!

There will be a more cheery post on some sublime American brews I had last night very shortly!


  1. I'd find that very useful Melissa.

    There's also an online app (I'll loo for the link) which outlines the policies of most main parties (6 or 7 in total) and their policies. It's all blind an at the end it tells you who've policies you've voted for one issues such as crime, educations, health, representation, Europe etc.

    Very useful although no beer category so it'd be great if you could oblige?!!? ;-)

  2. If I may, from outside the UK, point that indeed, it is a very sound thing to do, when one considers all the rubbish flying about on blog comments and such about a change of government being the solution to all evil in the booze/pubs field. Problem is anti-alcohol campaigners sem to have infiltrated all UK political parties, so people intending too vote accoding to positions on this issue may end up having to choose between plague, the cholera and much worse... ;o(((

  3. I'm not sure why you thought I wouldn't like your posts this week Cookie, I feel like cuddling you right now. You make things black and white (which is sometimes a bit too simplistic) but you also see the wider picture and my marketing brain says that's a good thing.

    P.S. Thanks Melissa!!! Round on me next time I venture that far south again.

  4. To say nothing of what they've gone and done to cider....

  5. Do what we did in the States - when taxes go up, just dump the shit in a large body of water.