Tuesday, 2 March 2010

This Could Have Big Ramifications...

I apologise in advance to Cooking Lager who may be waking up to this potential disaster story for cheap booze which reports a licensee could be successful in challenging the fitness of some supermarkets in his area to hold licences due to their pricing policies on commodity alcohol brands.

I will be keeping close tabs on this - and yes I know it's a different licensing system but it's still bound to have a knock-on effect to the rest of the UK if publican Jeff Ellis is successful.


  1. It's interesting, but I expect the supermarkets will throw whatever money is needed to get the result they want. Expensive lawyers, buy out the licensee, offer to build local amenities, etc. But if it rattles their cages, it's worth it for that alone.

  2. I guess I'm too cynical to believe that anything would actually happen to make the supermarkets more responsible but I do hope Jeff Ellis wins his case. I agree with RedNev though, they will just through x-amount of money at this until it goes away.

  3. Simple but brilliant.

    As for Jeremy Beadles, where does he stand on Morrisons selling branded litre bottles of vodka, whisky or gin for £12, making a unit 30p?

    Here's to cage-rattling...

  4. It could also have no ramifications, which is more likely, as he fails to prove that cheap take home alcohol is fueling any problem. If the only way for pubs to survive is to put the kybosh on any alternative, then you need no more indication of how poor most pubs are.